Born to Mabel Normand, Stephen Normand is the grandson of Claude Drury Normand (Mabel’s brother).  His great grandmother was Mabel’s mother, Mary Normand. Thus Mabel Normand the silent film star is his great-aunt. His mother was named for her and Mabel was her Godmother, much to Mabel’s delight.

Normand began working on a biography and archive of Mabel’s work and life, only to have trouble with Betty Harper Fussell who used much of his material for her 1982 Mabel Normand biography without permission (and with much fictionalization).  Normand hoped to write his memoirs a few years ago but has not been well enough to complete them.  Thus he is writing this series of posts in his blog to tell parts of the story he wants to be known.

He is a Anglican priest Church of England, though raised Catholic like most of the Normands. He is also owner of the Mabel Normand Estate and Archive.